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Peru Espresso
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Peru Cajamarca Espresso

Discover Peru Cajamarca Espresso. An intense, organic single origin Arabica coffee with distinctive aromatic wood notes reminding of liquorice, subtle pink pepper and blackcurrant bud notes.

Our coffee creators invite you to discover this exceptional organic Arabica grown in the invigorating winds of the Peruvian highlands, in the Cajamarca province, according to the “Minga” philosophy of mutual aid and respect.

The unique climate conditions and particular care the coffee farmers bring combine to deliver this exceptional quality coffee.

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Colombia Sierra Nevada Lungo

Enjoy a refined single origin Arabica with Colombia Sierra Nevada Lungo. A delightful organic Arabica coffee with a highly distinctive aromatic signature combining toasted almonds, nutmeg and barley.

Our coffee creators invite you to discover this exceptional organic Arabica grown in the steep inclines and varied climate of the Sierra Nevada Mountains by the descendants of the Tayrona tribe. In this ancestral land worshipped as sacred, they cultivate a unique organic Arabica according to traditional philosophy.

Its highly distinctive aromatic signature combines subtle notes of toasted almond, nutmeg and barley that will most definitely delight you.

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Mexico Chiapas Americano

Discover a single origin blend with Mexico Chiapas Americano. Enjoy a full-bodied organic coffee with hazelnut and plum notes.

These exceptional Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Mexican Chiapas region, slowly mature their incredible flavours in the shade of a luxuriant canopy.

Our coffee creators have expertly blended them into a full-bodied coffee, with rich notes of toasted hazelnut and plum. Add a touch of milk and you will even discover delicious praline notes.

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Guatemala Lush Highlands Latte Machiatto

Discover Guatemala Lush Highlands Latte Machiatto, a creation that combines intense organic coffee from the fertile volcanic highlands of Guatemala with the silky goodness of organic whole milk.

Our coffee creators have selected a responsibly sourced organic Arabica coffee bean, respectfully grown in Guatemala.

Dare to dive into the strength of the eruption, masterfully smothered by its heavy foam topping and milky body.