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Americano Intenso
NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Americano Intenso, a 100% Arabica coffee with roasted coffee aroma, rich spicy, wood & liquorice notes meeting warmer hints of black cherry and red fruits.
Black coffee


A world of rich, intense flavours
Enjoy the roasted aromas of Americano Intenso, unfolding in an intensely rich taste experience. Dive in the rich, woody notes meeting warmer hints of grape and plum black cherry and red fruits. A mug full of flavors all the way down.


How do you achieve the balance of a traditional Americano but with added intensity? It begins at the origins. Taste the pure intensity of 100% Arabica beans from South America. Thanks to our Grown Respectfully program, we help farmers and their communities grow responsibly these quality coffee beans, ensuring them a fair income while respecting the planet.

Can you add milk to an intenso coffee?

Our Americano intenso coffee is a black coffee pod but a dash of cream or milk is delicious as you can enjoy the fruity notes with a bit more subtlety.

If you like a milkier coffee in general, see our Flat White coffee pods.

What makes this an Americano Intenso?

Differing to our traditional Americano pods, our Americano Intenso has a punchier flavour as it falls on a 9 out of 11 on the intensity scale. This is thanks to its South American origins and 100% Arabica beans.

World map World map
kenyan landscape for coffee


Citrusy | Zesty Notes

The coffee culture of Kilimanjaro, a mountain bordering Kenya, offers a variety of Arabica considered to be one of the most fruity and fine in the world.

Colombian landscape


Delicate | Balanced​

Cultivated in the sacred land of the Tayrona indigenous communities, this organic coffee delivers beautifully fruity, acidic and balanced flavor. Try it with our Lungo Colombia.

ethiopian landscape for coffee


Fruity | Tart

Ethiopia has the greatest genetic diversity of coffee trees in the world. Its traditional coffee is recgonizable by its black and bitter taste.

A machine next to the types of coffees it can make A machine next to the types of coffees it can make

Designed to release all the flavor

A system that guarantees the perfect pressure for each drink.


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