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A work of art…

Artist, photographer, furniture designer, t-shirt printer, jewellery maker, there’s not much that this month’s TasteMaker can’t do. Faizal Lulat is a Camden based artist whose graphic posters, bright colours and unique take on words caught our eye. We’ve been working with him to create bespoke pieces of art about ‘coffee conversations’ and we loved his work so much, we made him our latest TasteMaker. We spent some time with Faizal in his amazing Camden Studio to find out more about what inspires him and how he creates his art. Plus he agreed to create a one off, bespoke piece of art for one lucky winner…

Best get started then!

Get to know Faizal
Why and when did you become an artist?

Consciously in about 2010/11. Although I’ve always been creative, so it was a natural path to follow.

What do you do to get into the creative mind-set?

I don’t see creativity as a mind-set, I see it as a way of life. I’m constantly thinking in a creative way. But in terms of a ‘creative environment’, I love my studio to be buzzing with people walking in and out and I’ve often got music playing.

You’ve worked with prints, photos, furniture and more. Do you have a favourite medium?

For now, words. Currently I really love ‘dissecting’ words – breaking them up, finding new meanings in them. It’s definitely a trend in my work – you’ll find them on my t-shirts, prints, photos, everywhere.

So, what’s a day in the life of an artist?

Wake up, pray, eat and have a cup of tea, maybe watch some TV. Then shower and leave the house at about 9am. I’ll be in the studio for 10am and tend to stay till nearly midnight, creating, talking, meeting and all the other "ings". I get home for about 1am and go to bed. That’s life at the moment. All day. Every day.

What inspires you?

Everywhere and everything. I’ve always got my phone ready to take photos of things I like throughout the day: it could be anything from an empty train platform to the colour of the sky. At the moment I’m really into words as well, so listening to how people speak to each other and scribbling down phrases I like. My studio has paper and pens everywhere so I can write the good bits down as soon as I hear them.


The art of

Faizal is fascinated by words and conversations, you’ll find them in almost all his pieces of art. Why? Because he loves working with them to find new meanings, hidden truths, and things unsaid. So we invited him along to listen into coffee conversations. Here’s what happened.

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Inspire a
work of art

This month we’re giving away a bespoke piece of Faizal’s art – inspired by you. For your chance to win, simply send us five words that capture what you talk about over a coffee with friends. Faizal will create a poster out of the winning words.

T&C’s apply. Ends 29.04.15

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