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Finding inspiration in Dublin

Sophia Kansanniva’s skillset ranges from animation to graphic design and illustration. Not to mention representing Ireland in Roller Derby. As well as
a coffee from her brand-new Circolo Coffee machine, this month she gave us a taste of life
as an illustrator in Dublin. She’s also designed an original set of coffee coasters that we’ll be giving away to one lucky reader. Find out more below.


A city with character

We met Sophia for coffee to find out how and where she finds inspiration in Dublin.

What inspires you most about your city?

It’s probably the atmosphere and the people. Everyone is really nice in Dublin so I always get into the weirdest conversations - it’s just such a friendly place.

Is there a big illustration scene there?

It’s definitely got bigger over the last few years, and because the city is so small you get to know a lot of other illustrators in Dublin. You’ll often be at an exhibition and bump into people you know, or see a piece of work done by someone you went to college with.

What made you branch from animation into illustration?

I loved the action and humour in animation, so I always try and keep my illustrations moving with funny gestures and faces. Even the coffee coasters are like a little storyboard.

How do you get inspiration for the different characters in your work?

I’m usually inspired by something I see or if I hear a funny conversation, it’s often when I’m having coffee with friends, and I just jot it down. Then I’ll go through my notebook later and try to come up with a new illustration.

Why do you think relaxing with a coffee is such a good way to find inspiration?

I think because it’s a nice way to catch-up with friends. There’s always good conversation, and I find a lot of my ideas come from just talking to people and hearing different stories.

Have you used your Circolo Coffee Machine to share coffee with your friends?

Yeah they really like it, and so do my housemates. It’s nice just being able to push a button and get delicious coffee that looks like its been made by a barista. I love the Hot Chocolate too.


Win Sophia’s original coffee coasters

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