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Extra Large Water Tank for Piccolo

Holds 950ml of water (250ml more than the standard Piccolo water tank.)

Holds 950ml of water (250ml more than the standard Piccolo water tank.)
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Do you love making coffee with the Piccolo®? If you find yourself refilling the water tank time and time again, our extra large water tank is here to rescue you – it hold 250ml more water than the standard tank, meaning there’s less refilling, more coffee, and more fun!


The Piccolo water tank is wonderfully easy to use – just fill it up and slot it into the back of your machine, and you have great coffee creation at your fingertips with less time spent refilling. It has the same curved, transparent design of the original tank, so the style of your machine won’t be compromised. As well as making it easier to enjoy your own coffees throughout the day, this coffee machine water tank is the ideal accessory for making extra drinks when you’re meeting with friends, as you’ll spend less time topping up the water.


So to make the most of your brilliant coffee-creating Piccolo®, boost its water capacity and enjoy even more delicious hot drinks. And if your Piccolo® is the centre of attention in the kitchen, you might want to check out our cup range, full of cups and mugs that have been specially designed for your Dolce Gusto® machine.

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