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Chococino Glass Set

If you enjoy sitting back with a yummy Chococino, you'll love our specially designed hot chocolate glasses that show off your creation.

Consistent Microware
Dishwasher Safe
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If you’re a fan of our yummy Chococino drink, or you love sitting down and relaxing with the Chococino Caramel, we’ve got just the thing for you. Your favourite NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® drink has its own hot chocolate glass, designed specially to help you make the most of your break. As your Chococino has such a lovely layer of frothy milk, why not show it off? You’ll be able to see every inch of velvety, chocolatey liquid from the first sip to the last. After all, the enjoyment of sitting back with a NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® creation begins with its professional, coffee shop look and lovely aroma. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment by yourself after a long day, or enjoying a hot chocolate with friends after a meal, you’ll be sure to add a bit of ‘wow’ with these hot chocolate glasses. Simple and modern, striking but unfussy, they’ll look great in any kitchen. For extra ease of use they’re suitable for dishwashers, meaning less fuss when it comes to cleaning. With two in the set, they’re great for enjoying in company or just for when you want a spare. So whatever the occasion and how ever you like to enjoy your Chococino, make the most of your great little pods and give them the hot chocolate cup they deserve. If you love stepping up your game with our Chococino glasses, why not give our latte glasses a try as well?

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