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Rotative Metal Pod Holder

Get your hands on this designer rotative metal pod holder for your coffee pods.

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Got loads of yummy coffee pods and nowhere to put them? We have the answer – you can store your coffee pods in a way that’s easy, neat, and shows them off at their best with our Rotative Metal Pod Holder. Award-winning Finnish designer Harri Koskinen is the brains behind this stylish Dolce Gusto® accessory, so you can guarantee a little extra chic in your kitchen as well as practicality. Made from iron and stainless steel, this simple and elegant coffee pod holder is a great way to store your Dolce Gusto® pods.


With this coffee pod holder you’ll always know where your favourite pods are*, as its rotating design means they’re easy to access and choose from. With a base diameter of 142mm and a height of 340mm, it’s just the right size to put on your kitchen counter, but stylish enough to make a real impact. Simplicity is key – its clean design won’t distract from your colourful coffee pods, but it will effortlessly match both modern and traditional kitchens.


There are loads of options for organisation – perhaps you could put lungos on one side and cappuccinos on the other, or even dedicate a row to your favourite yummy Chococino®! However you use it, you’ll never be lost with this great accessory. And if you like having different storage options, why not check out our bubble pod holders as well?


*Coffee pods not included.

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Rotative Metal Capsule Holder

Keeps capsules neat and tidy within easy reach of the machine, and if CORRECTLY loaded will hold the pods securely, if you gently withdraw each pod the rest will drop down neatly ready for your next coffee.... Excellent!.......

Review by Chris (Posted on 28/02/2019)
Nice look but not functional

It is nice looking pod holder but rails are to wide for capsules. When tried to put coffee pods half of them fell from the holder :-( Can't recomend

Review by Joola (Posted on 23/03/2016)

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